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10 Weeks to a Free-Range / Let Grow Kid

At last! A really simple, fun, and, of course, FREE plan of action for anyone who’d like to start giving their kids a little more independence (and responsibility/adventure/joy). Sign this “pledge” and each week Let Grow will email you an “Action Card” with some easy-but-profound task for you, your child, or both of you to […]

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Updated & Revised “Free-Range Kids” to be Published Tomorrow!

The updated and expanded second edition of Free-Range Kids: How Parents and Teachers Can Let Go and Let Grow will be released on Wednesday with all-new insights for parents and educators, including new chapters on anxiety, technology, free play, and how what kids do just for fun can often point them (sometimes unconsciously!) toward their careers. Author […]

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“Children Seen Walking Outside!” — Nextdoor

Why is there a Free-Range Kids movement? Why does Let Grow, the nonprofit promoting childhood independence, even exist? Here’s why: “Children Walking Alone,” warned an alert I received from the social media site nextdoor just as I sat down to write this piece. “Dear Parents,” it went on. “Please have an adult accompany children ‘taking […]

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The Next Step: Let Grow!

Readers: Starting today I am president of a new non-profit dedicated to the Free-Range ideals of giving kids — and parents — back their freedom. It’s called aenakyknae Let Grow. I’d told a friend about this a few months back and she just informed me that now when her kids think she’s micro-managing them they […]

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Why Are Millennials So Afraid of Freedom? I Think We Know

An extremely insightful and rather frightening op-ed idksbniybt in yesterday’s New York Times looks at why Millennials are “so wary of freedom.” It’s by Clay Routledge, a professor of psychology at North Dakota State University, and it cites stats about how the younger generation is less convinced that democracy or free speech are good ideas.  […]

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Folks, this is a MOVIE, not your local MALL.

“A Stranger Looking to Kidnap and Sex Traffic a Child Is Highly Unlikely” – Roseville, California Police

Looks fzdazanknb like the Roseville, California, police department got a little fed up with social media posts going on about local “sex trafficking kidnappers” and “suspicious people.” And so it came out with this amazing document on its Facebook page: True facts about the fears its citizens feel and perpetuate. Kudos to a department that […]

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Did Freud (or His Mis-intepreters) Create a Nation of Over-worried Parents?

This byaytbzszt is an article about an article about a book. The book is “Freudian Fraud: The Malignant Effect of Freud’s Theory on American Thought and Culture,” by the psychiatrist E. Fuller Torrey, published in 1992. The article, “Child-Proofing the World” is by Nick Gillespie, editor of Reason, whose interview with Peter Gray went up on this […]

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