A Halloween / Sandy Story You’ll Love

Hi Readers. Have a great weekend. Here’s to letting our kids go out in the neighborhood.- L.

Dear Free-Range Kids: Well here in N.J., Halloween, as per governor’s orders, is postponed till Monday and on Halloween itself I told my kids, who took the news with amazing grace.  Our friends had lost their homes, so losing Halloween was small by comparison. My soon to be 8-year-old  decided that people needed a reason to smile though, and put on her costume convinced her brother to do the same, leashed the dogs (we are hurricane sitting), grabbed the candy bowl and went door to door handing out candy while walking the dogs. So that everyone could at least smile for a few minutes.

I stayed home boiling water to keep the house warm for my elderly father-in-law. By her efforts I soon found my yard full of neighbors (some known, others not known) talking and enjoying coffee. We used our camp coffee maker (no electricity needed) , others supplied creamer or coffee, and cars were left running to charge up phones and catch what ever news we could.

All thanks to an 8-year-old wanting to spread cheer on Halloween. – Janis in Jersey

Post-Sandy smiles, thanks to a kid.

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