Are Today’s Kids So Much More Delicate? Save the Dennis the Menace Train!

Hi Readers — One of you just sent this Facebook page about plans to stop letting kids play on this fabulous old locomotive located at the Dennis the Menace park in Monterey,California.

The reasons? Take a guess. I’ve dropped a note to the activist running the FB page, haven’t heard back yet and wanted to get this post out quickly, while perhaps there’s still time to save this treasure. It is GOOD not BAD for kids to climb on big, exciting trains. If parents are worried, they can keep their kids OFF. If parents are PSYCHED, why can’t they just sign a waiver and let the kids clamber? Is that so legally impossible? If climbing trains is so dangerous, should we make some laws to stop kids from climbing rocks and trees, too? – L.

Photo: New information on the train at the Dennis the Menace park and according to the Save the Train group, they are down to their last options and need the city to compromise. What do you think is the best compromise to save the popular tourist attraction?

All not aboard! Even though kids have climbed this thing since 1956, somehow it is too unsafe for  THIS generation.

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