Ban Backyard Pools to Prevent Drownings?

Readers — This is a post from Australia’s iVillage about a true concern: Death by backyard pool. There as here, drowning is one of the leading causes of child death. Heartbreaking. Nonetheless, banning pools seems like a bad idea. How come?

Well I read through some of the comments to find one that articulated my reservations. This is by a guy named Jon S.:

I understand one always wants to take measures to prevent deaths, but 16 deaths a year is 0.00000064% of the population.

Without sounding horrible that is a very low figure to punish 100% of the population with, and force 100% of pool owners to fill in their pool regardless if they have kids or not – and I am assuming at their expense?

We really need to be careful with these kind of ideas, it might not be the banning of cars but the amount of rules that can be added in the name of safety is and will continue to spiral out of control. People seem to want a zero fatality society yet this is not only impossible, the quest for it will create a culture and country based on fear and draconian governance. Given the rules in place now, and articles like this asking for more, 100 years from now you won’t be allowed to swim at all or build, play outside, run, experience anything really.

This line of thinking is not a very comforting direction for our future.

I’m with Jon. – L.

Everybody out of the pool?

Everybody out of the pool?

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