Because It’s So Nerve-racking Being 2 Whole Feet Away from Your Baby?

Readers — This note comes to us from Nathalie Delage up north, where “Canadian Tire” apparently sells paranoia, too! – L.

Dear Free Range Kids: Have you seen these baby carseat videocameras?  They stream live video from the backseat to a monitor you attach to your windshield like a GPS.  I wonder what exactly a parent needs to worry about while their child is 2 feet behind them? I especially love the tag line: ”Watch. Concentrate. Smile, you and the people around you are safe!”

This thing normally retails at $169.99, but can be yours this week at Canadian Tire for the great price of $99.99.  Wow!  I just watched the video testimonial from a mom. She actually says: “I can see her at all times.  And it’s so much safer.”

Really? Safer than what? The mirror they used previously that was just as unnecessary?

“It’s hard to keep track if she’s sleeping or if she’s playing with her toys.”

And you need to know this because…?

It truly is  insane that parents live by this new “Keep your eyes on your kids at ALL times” ideal.  I work in a doctor’s office and last week a mom came in with her newborn in his “bucket” seat.  After her appointment she asked me to come and watch him because she had to go to the front and get her boots.  That’s about 30 feet!  I could see her the whole way.  There was NOBODY else in the entire office except her, me and the doctor.  BUT inside our office there is a door that connects directly into the drugstore next door (very convenient for patients).  She couldn’t leave her sleeping baby there for 4 seconds because, as she said, “I know, but someone could come in from the drugstore and kidnap my baby.  You have to be careful nowadays, it happens.”

Can you imagine what the odds are that the planets could have aligned in almost every galaxy out there in order for that to happen?  A kidnapper/pedophile would have to be at that EXACT drugstore at that EXACT moment at the EXACT spot where the door is and stumble upon a baby unattended for 4 seconds, notice this, run in, grab the seat and run through a drugstore with said seat in hand to escape? To his waiting car? And get away?

Maybe I’ll invent a portable camera that you can attach to whatever the baby is in or on, with a monitor that goes around the parent’s waist so they can then feel safe to go to the closet and get their boots. Eureka, I’m rich! - Natalie


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