Bullet-Proof Whiteboards for Schools. What Next?

Readers — You know what goes together better than peanut butter and jelly? (Or peanut butter and chocolate, for that matter?) Fear and money. Which explains why I think these new bulletproof whiteboards may sweep the nation. If I were a venture capitalist, I’d be looking around for any other common school item I could retool as a weapon or defense mechanism. Bullet proof glass for windows (I know that’s already happening). Silent alarms for the teacher’s desk (ditto). Maybe a stapler that shoots darts, or chalk that’s actually a container of pepper spray, or smoke bombs disguised as an shiny apple that sits on the desk.

If marketers can convince us that babies need kneepads to crawl safely, and toddlers need helmets to toddle safely, it should be a cinch to convince parents, teachers and politicians that schools need an arsenal of anti-gunman gadgets for kids to study safely. Invest now. – L.

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