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Park Slope, Brooklyn, where crossing the street is not taken lightly.

Letting My ONLY CHILD, Age 6, Cross the Busy Street by Herself

It’s spring. Time to let the kids have some of the freedom we all enjoyed. Study after study shows that kids NEED free time and independence for the sake of their bodies, minds, spirit. Here’s how one mom — and her child — took the leap: I live in Park Slope, a largely residential but very urban […]

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homework girl smaller

NYC Elementary School* To Kids: No More Homework — Go Play!

As a longtime fan of Sara Bennett and her Stop Homework movement, I was thrilled she sent this link today about a Manhattan public school that has decided to ditch homework. Then I was doubly thrilled to see: This is the school my own kids attended! It’s just a few blocks from the Empire State Building — a beacon […]

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Up with Pinehurst and its cops!

Police Officers Stop Kids Who Are Sledding, But…

It’s not what you think. As North Carolina’s PeeDeePost writes: PINEHURST — Two police officers with the Village of Pinehurst in Moore County stopped by a hill on which local children were sledding — and asked if they could get in on the fun. The roads were covered with ice on Tuesday, conditions that kept the […]

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Children have the right to be outside, unsupervised. Parents have the right to let them go.

The Free-Range Kids & Parents Bill of Rights

These are our rights, as parents, as kids, as humans. The short Free-Range Kids and Parent Bill of Rights is this: Children have the right to some unsupervised time, and parents have the right to give it to them without getting arrested. Here is the longer version. Think with me on how we can get them […]

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Funny, True, Touching, Tears

Why am I the last to see this video? I guess that because my kids aren’t babies, I’m not on the sites where it must be running. Anyway, I love this and would like to know who wrote it. Meantime: Have fun. What a great message!

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Wait! Did i forget my cell phone?

Dog Takes Bus by Herself (So Why Don’t We Let Our HUMAN Kids Do This?)

Considering we have municipalities making it illegal for kids to walk home by themselves from the bus stop, this doggy story from Seattle should give everyone…paws: “Did that just happen?” That’s the reaction one bus rider had in Seattle, after realizing a dog had just joined him for a ride through the city, traveling several stops […]

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Why are those people following me around Walmart???

A Simple Idea that Can Change All The Grumpy People You Live Around

First, get out your hankies. Then, consider what would happen if everyone in town could thank and encourage each other via a public message board. That’s what one anonymous Canadian wondered, and so he or she started a website (and Facebook account) called “Spotted in Windsor,” in Ontario. It was inspired by a similar site the […]

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human planet

The Human Planet…is Filled with Free-Range Kids

This show sounds fantastic, as does the underlying message: What purpose is served in underestimating kids? We are alerted to it by North Carolina family farmer Stevie Taylor, who blogs here! Enjoy — and Merry Christmas, too! – L.  Dear Free-Range Kids: Thought I’d share a real treasure my family discovered this month.  We checked out […]

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