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A Mom Lets Her Son Walk to Soccer…And The Police Come Calling

My 10-year-old son wanted the chance to walk from our house to soccer practice behind an elementary school about 1/3 mile from our house. He had walked in our neighborhood a number of times with the family and we have driven the route to practice who knows how many times. It was broad daylight – […]

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Too much self-esteem?

Turns out children are feeling pretty good about themselves lately. Maybe a little too good. As reported on the website Connect with Kids (, a  study by researchers at San Diego State University found that high school seniors are bursting with more self esteem than a generation (or two) ago. For example, in 1975, 49% […]

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Stunting Our Kids With “Safety”

Why do we treat our tweens like toddlers? Because the rules say we have to. The other day my son had to leave middle school early for the big day: Getting his braces. I planned to meet him at the orthodontist near our home and wrote a note asking for him to be excused at […]

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