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Modern Childhood is Weird (and Missing Something Crucial)

Playdates, age-segregated activities and adult-led fun are all extremely new developments. But kids without free time to play and learn from each other are missing out on something crucial for their brains, says evolutionary anthropologist Dorsa Amir in the TEDx talk you’ll find at Let Grow!

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A Psychologist on How to Let Kids Go

Adelia Moore is a mom of four and a clinical psychologist who works with lots of families. But even she had a hard time letting her sons go — each of them! — the first time. Her advice…is over at Let Grow.

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The “Moral Panic Targeting Moms”

Why does it matter that some parents — more often moms — get arrested for letting their kids wait in the car? We ponder that a little deeper this time over at Let Grow, thanks to a great post by Joshua Vaughn looking into a strange cultural tic: The authorities (cops, child protection workers, district […]

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