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What happens when someone else gets to dictate how we raise our kids.

My Daycare Refused to Swaddle My Son, Due to Regulations

. No Child Left Alone: Getting the government out of parenting is the seriously great title of a new (and first!) book by  journalist Abby Schachter. It begins with this story: Do you want to see government operating as if it can and should raise your kids for you? Try enrolling your child in state-licensed daycare. […]

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Wiil this elephant turn this family's day into a disaster? (OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA)

Is Reading this Article Going to Put You in Terrible Danger?

. Wow! I had not heard of Betteridge’s Law. But after my post about the “dangers” of kids overheating in bounce houses, a reader named Richard sent this comment, which I very much appreciate! Always remember Betteridge’s Law:  Any headline that asks a yes-or-no question rather than making a statement can be answered “No.” “Do Inflatable […]

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Where were his parents?!?

If Parent Shaming Had Been Around 2000 Years Ago

. This entire New Yorker piece is so great: “HISTORY’S WORST PARENTS FACE THE WRATH OF THE COMMENTS SECTION,” by Eileen Curtright. It’s shocking to think how much history took place before Internet shaming. How did those rotten parents ever learn? Here’s Curtright’s take on one parenting fail you may have read about: In response to […]

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reischer book

“Fixing” Kids’ Feelings

Today’s post is excerpted from Erica Reischer’s WHAT GREAT PARENTS DO: 75 Simple Strategies for Raising Kids Who Thrive. Erica got her PhD from the University of Chicago and is now a clinical psychologist and parent educator in Oakland, CA. She’s also a former consultant with McKinsey & Company, and leads popular parenting classes and workshops at […]

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