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Remember when Free-Range parenting was just...parenting?

Bill Mahr Is One of Us! (And So Is WMTW President Dave Abel)

It’s almost bizarre how much Bill Mahr hits every point we make here all the time (except I’ve never mentioned Japanese businessmen and squid). Let’s hope next he will endorse the May 9 “Take Our Children to the Park…and Let Them Walk Home by Themselves” Day. And while we’re  at it, here’s the president of […]

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Gever and a budding tinkerer.

Gever Tulley’s Latest Dangerous Idea

. Gever Tulley is a big-time hero of mine. He did one of the earliest, best Ted Talks: “5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do.” He also founded the Tinkering School in San Fran (and elsewhere now, too), where young kids are given power tools and encouragement. Then he and his wife Julie […]

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A great movement needs a great logo!

Logo Contest Deadline Extended!

. Hi Folks! Free-Range Kids still needs a logo that looks as good on a billboard as it does on an app. Prize is $100 and bragging rights. I’m extending the deadline to June 1 (my mom’s birthday) to allow more folks to enter. As for ideas, one thing I’ve realized is that depicting children […]

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What? Not stop kids from playing outside?Their town is going to look like ours!

An Entire Town May Go Free-Range — and It’s Not Alone

. Here’s what is happening. Social historians take note: People are realizing that they WANT to be able to let their kids play outside, walk to the store, ride their bikes without fear of legal repercussions. And so they are starting to talk about this, in living rooms, on social media, and at city hall. […]

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