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Beauty and the Beastly children who came to watch, eat, lay down in the aisles...

Beauty and the Parenting Beast

A guest post from mom J.W. Curtis: Let me first admit that I made a parenting judgment yesterday, and it came back to bite me. I saw Beauty and the Beast with my youngest daughter (10) and her friend. Who doesn’t love a movie with a Free-Range leading character? Parenting themes about judging others on […]

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“When NOT to Call the Cops” — Genius on a Refrigerator Magnet

Believe it or not, this graphic is from the refrigerator magnet of University of California Irvine Prof. Barbara Sarnecka, one of the three authors of that fantastic study proving that when we believe we are rationally assessing child danger, we are actually morally judging. Some other family member put the magnet on the fridge and when Barbara […]

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