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Daughter Clinging To Working Mother's Leg

Even Clingy Kids Can Become More Independent

So says Audrey Monke, a camp director for many years, and author of (what else would it be titled?) Happy Campers. Parents of clingy kids as well as kids with special needs may face a more challenging task, but their end goal is the same: More independence. Join the discussion at Let Grow!  

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Kids Are Addicted to Each Other, Not Tech

Clearly, screens are attractive. (I mean, here it is, a glorious Sunday morning and what am I up to???) But when we tsk tsk about kids’ screen time, we have to make sure that they aren’t turning to tech because that’s the only place we still allow them to hang out together. At Let Grow […]

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Can a Particular Club Make Kids Smarter?

Kids of all academic levels who joined one particular club to play one particular game in a Texas school district far outscored their peers on standardized tests. Click here to be transported to Let Grow to read what it was — and why it made such a difference!

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