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Do kids really need school shooting drills?

A school district in Massachusetts is weighing whether to go ahead and teach students as young as 10 how to fight back against terrorists and Columbine-type shooters. I guess officials there have not read the statistics. A child’s chances of being killed at school are .00003% (not counting the ones who die of boredom). So […]

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Stunting Our Kids With “Safety”

Why do we treat our tweens like toddlers? Because the rules say we have to. The other day my son had to leave middle school early for the big day: Getting his braces. I planned to meet him at the orthodontist near our home and wrote a note asking for him to be excused at […]

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That’s what they think in England, as you shall see. Our guest blogger today is Sarah Ebner. She edits School Gate ( ), a blog about all aspects of education for the London Times. She’s always interested to hear from other parents. Contact her at By Sarah Ebner   When I was gently persuaded to become […]

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