Chastised by Dr. Drew

Hi Readers! I was on Dr. Drew last night, as you can see, below. I like this clip and I very much liked the other lady he had on, Lisa Bloom. But what you won’t see here is the clip that played before my introduction. It was of the two Iowa girls who have been missing for two months. And what you won’t see that came AFTER this clip:  an interview with the girls’ distraught aunt, who says she thinks they were quite possibly abducted into the “white slave” trade. And then came a caller who had been abducted as a child, another caller who had been abused as a child, a video clip of an attempted child abduction on the streets of Philadelphia (horrifying) and two brief chats with Marc Klaas, father of Polly Klass, a girl who was abducted from her bedroom and murdered. (Which doesn’t seem to have much relevance when it comes to whether our kids are safe outside.)

The point I made midway through this half-hour chat was simply this: When MY mom let me play outside, she was not first shown videos of four children abducted over the course of 20 years, all of them several states away from us. Thus she made her decision based on her own observations of her own community.

This is something we don’t allow parents to do anymore — or at least Dr. Drew seems against it. Instead, we are told to take into account all the worst case scenarios that have ever befallen any (white, American) children anywhere, as if they are as relevant  as what we see out our own windows.

Which is why what we often see out our own windows is an empty street, with no children playing. – L.

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