Cops Are Called When Mom Refuses to Pick Up Kids, 12 & 15, from Local Library

Hi Folks! Just a quickie: The kids in this Michigan story, 12 and 15, walked to the library on their own. When it was time to go, the temperature had fallen and, according to this article, “library staff” would not allow them to walk home. So they called their mom to come get them. She was busy at their grandmother’s and said no.  Next thing you know:

The children were taken to Farmington Hills Police headquarters at 11 Mile and Orchard Lake Roads. The officer spoke to their mother, who said she was upset that the children called for a ride seven minutes before the library closed. The report indicated the officer told the mother when she picked up the children that a report would be filed.

How outrageous is this? Let me count the ways:

1 – The children were ready to walk home but were not allowed. Why not? They were game.  They’re not babies. Yes, they might have been cold. But maybe that means next time they’ll bring their coats.

2 – The cops and library staff both assume that moms can and should drop anything they’re doing to come to the aid of their kids, even teens.  This makes sense in an emergency — come to the hospital, quick! But for chauffeuring? What if the mom was at work?

3 – It sounds like the library was closing and, with the mom not coming by, the staff didn’t know where to put the kids. The police station was the answer. But just because that’s a safe, warm spot doesn’t mean the police should actually get involved.

4 – If the 15-year-old was a babysitter, we’d trust him/her to take care of the 12-year-old. Why didn’t the library staff? And frankly, the 12-year-old is old enough to be a babysitter, too. So why were they both treated LIKE babies?

Sounds like a confusing situation that got out of hand. I wonder what would’ve happened if a staffer offered to drop the kids off. To me that sounds like such an easy alternative. But I’m sure it opens a whole can of worms. Or a whole can of lawyers. Whatever. — L.


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