“Don’t Bother Abducting Me — I’m a Pain in the Ass” T-shirts, and More!

Hey Readers! Kindly allow me to interrupt this blog to advertise for a moment. It’s gift-giving season, so why not think Free-Range, as in the book itself, just $11.53! Lots of laughs, tips and a look at how we got so scared. It’s got a 4.6 outta 5 rating in 118 reviews on Amazon. Not too shabby!

And while we’re at it, why not give the gift of spunky self-assertion? The Free-Range Kids Gift Shop (well, our Cafe Press shop) is filled with lovely items, including America’s Worst Mom (or Dad) sweatshirts, t-shirts and hats.

For non-Americans (or Americans who think globally) there are also World’s Worst Mom and Dad items.

And for kids there are two shirts. One, summing up the whole philosophy here,  declares, “I’m Not Lost, I’m a Free-Range Kid!”

Then there’s our signature shirt that turns even the most mild-mannered child into a feisty Free-Ranger:  “Don’t Bother Abducting Me, I’m a Pain in the A**” .  (Yes, the t-shirt uses asterisks, not the whole word.)

BONUS: No child wearing the shirt has ever been abducted!

Here modeling the shirts are Izzy Skenazy (the very boy, now 14, who took the subway at age 9), along with pal Ellis, son of Eileen Mullin,  the woman who designed this website. The shirts, in turn, were designed by Michael Gray. Here’s wishing them — and you — a lovely holiday! – L.

Izzy & Ellis


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