Reconsiders and Removes “No to Sleepovers” Post

Hi Readers — Here’s a note from’s marketing director, Kat Eden, regarding the “Reasons to Say No to Sleepovers” post we have been writing about the last two days (that is now gone from the site). – L 

Dear Free-Range Kids: Thanks so much to you and to your community for sharing your thoughts about this article.

We post hundreds of pieces of content each month with the goal of giving parents the information they need to make the best decisions for their families and the ideas and inspiration they want to make learning with their kids more fun.  While we work hard to make sure every bit of that content is helpful for parents, sometimes, like everyone, we just don’t get it right.

We know that sleepovers are a controversial subject these days and many parents have strong feelings about whether they’re a good thing for kids or not.  While hundreds of parents “Liked” this particular article on Facebook, we also heard from parents like you who felt the article missed the mark.  We reviewed the article yesterday and have decided to remove it from our site.

When we publish articles on controversial topics, we try to avoid telling parents what they should or should not do and instead we try to give them expert or evidence based information on both sides of the issue so they can make the best decision for their children and families.  This article clearly crossed that line a bit by encouraging parents not to allow their kids to go on sleepovers. This article is a better example of how we typically present information on a topic like this: First Sleepover Preparation.

So, as I said, we’ve removed the article.  Please let me know if you have any further questions, ideas or input.

Thanks again for sharing your point of view.

Best,  Kat

To which I responded: 

Dear Kat: I DO like the tone and suggestions of the alternative link you just sent, and I appreciate your — I’m not even sure of the word. Your willingness to give a rational re-look at a post you published. That’s exactly what i’m writing a story on for another publication — the power of apology. That takes guts and usually isn’t easy.

I am grateful and impressed. – Lenore

And now, readers, a note to YOU: Our voice helped shed the world of one bit of the fear-mongering, worst-first thinking parental “advice” out there. That’s some real, if small, good. I’m grateful and impressed by you, too. Onward! – L. 

Pizza for everyone! Popular website decides sleepovers are not a moral peril after all!


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