Feeling Safer? Some Maryland Schools Say Parents Can Only Push Own Kids on Swings

Readers — I’m not going to make this a long post, because the craziness is pretty obvious and I think there will be an uproar against it. Suffice to say some Maryland schools have outlawed (at least for the moment) hugs, homemade cupcakes and parent volunteers pushing any child other than their own on the swings. All in the name of…well, guess.

Fear addles the mind and it REALLY addles school administrations. They respond with something like superstition, the way you wheedle with God when you’re afraid: “If we outlaw everything decent and fun, will you please keep our kids safe? Will you? We’re happy to give up cupcakes and swing pushes and hugs and frankly, any semblance of joy and trust. Just make evil go away!” If the school had pet bunnies, these would be next on the list. And then probably chocolate milk.

Ah, humans. We believe we are being modern and sane  when really we are being irrational and medieval. But so it goes and, like I said, I’m not going to make this a long post. – L

Did you pre-register and provide proof of progeny? Then go ahead and push!

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