Free Range FAIL

Hi Readers! Ah well — it doesn’t always work out as planned.  Read on:
Dear Free Range Kids:    One of my friends is a stay at home mom and went to a play group where your book was discussed.  One of the moms in the group decided to let her 8-year-old son spread his wings by having him walk a few blocks home from a friend’s house.  It’s a nice, safe neighborhood, and the little boy was making the walk in the middle of the day.
Well the mom went outside on the porch to wait for her son and she spotted him running toward her, looking quite scared!  A car was trailing him.
Apparently the woman in the car was a “concerned” citizen who stopped and asked the boy how old he was and why he was walking alone.  She was worried for his safety, but of course she only ended up frightening the poor kid who was trying out his independence.  God forbid an 8-year-old walk a few blocks in a nice neighborhood in the middle of sunny Saturday!!! — Jennifer

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