Interview with Author/Blogger/Parent Cory Doctorow

Alas, readers, not my own interview with him. But Reason.TV caught up with Doctorow outside of some pub in London and asked him about many things, including his books (my older son LOVED “Little Brother”) and  boingboing (a site that brought early attention to this blog), and,  most saliently for us:  ”The War on Kids.”

The problem, according to Doctorow? Fear. Fear OF kids and fear FOR kids. Of course that excessive fear FOR kids is  the kind I concentrate on. In fact, today I was at the supermarket and asked a mom why she had her son in one of those padded fabric shopping cart covers that have sprung up in the last few years. It’s to protect him, she said, from germs and also so he doesn’t bang his head too hard.

Were kids really banging their heads on shopping carts?


Create a fear and you can sell its solution. It’s the American way, and it just keeps working.

Anyway: Enjoy Cory’s thoughts on kids today (and other stuff too, like technology). — Lenore [youtube=]

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