Introducing: The Hall of Ridiculousness

Hi Folks! Since to the marketing world I am an “influential mommy blogger,” I hear from a ton of companies pitching their products. Sometimes, they’re peddling something sensible. Usually, they’re peddling the idea that kids today are so fragile and needy, they absolutely cannot live without…whatever. It’s part of the pernicious idea that we have to buy, buy, buy and do, do, do more for our kids than ever before.

To counter that trend, I’m introducing  The Hall of Ridiculousness. It will  highlight silly and/or unnecessary products peddled as necessities. So here’s our first entry, edited down from an email I got yesterday. Feel free to discuss whether kids have been truly “suffering” from a lack of these products till now:

Back to School Shopping for Safety
As parents begin to shop around for classroom essentials, O2 COOL explains how to make your child’s safety on the top of the list.
As the summer days begin to dwindle down, children (and parents) are reluctantly preparing for the upcoming school year.  Many parents assume that the end of summer means the end of sun protection however; children are still in danger of the intense heat even while at school. From recess play to extended outdoor field trips, children are especially vulnerable to suffering from dehydration and heat-related illnesses. O2 COOL, a leader in innovative cooling products, offers tips to keep you children safe throughout the school year.  
After a rambunctious recess break, it’s important that a child cools down before entering the classroom to promote attentiveness that will last for the rest of the school day. One of the quickest ways to cool the body down is by circulating the still air. O2 COOL’s Clip-On Fan is the perfect solution for children, it’s soft blades are safe for a child’s fingers. The built in clip on the bottom of the fan allows you to clip the fan anywhere you need it to be, whether on a backpack or lunch box.
Field Trips
For those days with extended periods exposed to the sun, staying hydrated isn’t enough. For complete protection, the body needs to cool both inside and out. O2 Cool’s Mist ‘N Sip begins where most water bottles end. Its separate misting chambers allow you to fill the bottle with any drink of choice while misting with fresh, cool water. The Mist ‘N Sip not only replenishes the body, it keep skin hydrated and cool.
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