Lenore Speaks!

Readers — As many of you know, when I’m not busy posting, I am often off to give a keynote. It’s how I make my living. (Not by blogging? No. Not by blogging.) I’ve spoken everywhere from Microsoft, to the Sydney Opera House, to the Yale Child Study Center (twice!). In the next two months I’m off to conferences in Edmonton,Charlotte, Chicago, and Toronto. And in June? Bulgaria! (I do hope to see you there.)

Audiences love the lectures and they laugh a ton.  (See below below.) But they also seem to leave changed — less afraid, more hopeful, more skeptical about society’s favorite message: Your kids are in constant danger! So here’s a 3-minute reel introducing me and the Free-Range message, along with my speaking engagements page. If your corporation, conference, college, school district or organization is interested in having me give a lecture or hands-on seminar  (or both!), let’s talk. You can drop me at line at lenorespeaks@gmail.com . Hope we get to meet! – L.


And here are the audience responses to a speech I gave in March to a consortium of 14 private schools in Princeton, N.J. (I didn’t even edit them down!):

“Best lecture I have ever been to!”
“Such a great presenter – loved her humor and message!”
“Ability to add research to real life scenarios”
“Getting us to look at ourselves through humorous stories”
“Little bit eccentric but very engaging – excellent!”
“Common sense seems to be making a comeback”
“Her humor punctures the bubble of anxiety felt by modern parents”
“A hilarious dose of old-fashioned ‘how-to’; a salve for overstressed, perfection-driven parents”
“Funny and down to earth. Takes you back to a time when our life and thinking were less complicated”
“It was wonderful!”
“So funny — Extremely humorous”
“Thought provoking – no real weakness”
“Funny and not prescriptive”
“Funny and inspiring”
“Very approachable and helped me feel better about my parenting”
“Please get more speakers like this one!”
“Entetaining and creates awareness”
“Great comedic delivery, thought provoking”
“All good”
“Great ad libber, very funny, connected with audience” “did not hold back”
“Kept me engrossed, great anecdotes”
“Excellent stand-up comedian”

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