Oh No! A Hostel Near a Day Care Center???

Readers – An area of Alexandria, VA, a suburb of D.C., is debating whether to allow a  hostel to open near, among other things, some day care centers.

As the reader who sent us this news story wrote, “To hear some of the comments, you’d think they were planning to build a gun store/brothel/drug den!” Notes the article, citing the local parents’ concerns:

 The business fronts, doorsteps and play areas of the concerned would all be traversed by the hostel’s travelers if it is approved by City Council later this month.

My favorite comment from one of the folks quoted in the article is, ““You don’t want lots of different kinds of people [to] come in and out around kids.”

Of course not! Children should not have to interact with or even find themselves NEAR any adults not pre-screened and pre-approved by their own loving parents. Any strangers in town should, after a thorough background check, be issued a permit, good for a proscribed amount of time, that allows them to walk (but not loiter)  near the day care centers a certain number of times. (Two should be sufficient.) Otherwise our precious kids are in GRAVE DANGER! They always are! – L

File:Old Town Alexandria.jpg

Don’t tell me there are ADULTS just WANDERING around there!!

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