Son, that is dangerous in every single way!

How Helicopter Parents Needlessly Scared My Anxious Son

We can’t control the busybodies out there (sigh). But this mom wonders how can we get them to stop interfering with our kids’ sense of safety — especially if our kids are anxious to begin with: Dear Free-Range Kids: I have always been a Free-Range parent/educator and for me, it’s about common sense and raising […]

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sex offender sign 2

Am I “Making It Easier for Pedo Abductors”?

A reader’s note: I can’t believe you are a reporter. Sounds more like you are trying to sway public opinion about protecting your children to make it easier for pedo abductors. Actually, I am trying to sway public opinion. But rather than making it easier for predators (not the goal of many reporters), I am […]

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sandbox kid just hand

San Francisco Getting Rid of Sand at its Playgrounds

Don’t bother bringing a plastic shovel when you head to a San Francisco playground anymore. The city is getting rid of all its sand at all its local playgrounds. You know why. Of course you do. According to this report by Christin Ayers at KCBS, the city regards sandboxes as unsafe. Suddenly. Connie Chan, a […]

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mom im fine

Young Man Travels World with “Mom I’m Fine” Sign

Any mom seeing these videos of her son traveling the world would probably feel reassurance, pride… And a jolt of new worry. That is the lot even of the freest of Free-Range parents. As someone once said (and I’m mangling it): Courage is the thing with wet pants. It’s not that Free-Rangers don’t worry. It’s […]

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