So much for trying to spread happiness.

Man Handing Out Teddy Bears Terrifies Town

. A dad in Ostego, Michigan, population 3,956, terrified parents, police and school administrators by handing out teddy bears to people he passed on the street, including children in the presence of adults. It was Ken Cronkhite’s attempt to spread some happiness and help his 89-year-old father, the owner of an 800-teddy bear collection, to […]

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Get out of my kid's room, you unlicensed character!

Capture Your Child’s Most Magical Moment Forever, for just $34.99

. “Soon to be a  much-loved lifetime companion.” That’s the pitch I just got for a new “spunky, lovable” doll that is being marketed to parents of kids with wiggly teeth.  It reminds me of that great blog post by Bunmi Laditan, “I’m Done with Making My Kid’s Childhood Magical.” One of the burdens we […]

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Between handwashings daycare workers may wash their hands.

Protocol for a Diaper Change or Open Heart Surgery?

 . If I wrote another book (no plans!) I might call it “Obsessive-Compulsive Nation.” Because in our desire to keep everyone safe from every possible danger, we are like OCD sufferers, who, according to Psychology Today: . …resort to repetitive behaviors called compulsions. The most common of these are checking and washing…. These behaviors generally […]

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Seth Grodin, looking forward.

Thank You, Seth Godin! We Agree!

. Marketing guru Seth Godin has a great back-to-school column up, in which he notes: Here’s how we’ve organized traditional schooling: You’re certain to have these classes tomorrow. The class will certainly follow the syllabus. There will certainly be a test. If you do well on the test, you will certainly go on to the […]

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And it doesn't hurt to drink chicken soup when you're sick, either!

Judgment, Cell Phones, and a Kid at the Bus Stop

. Here is a slightly edited excerpt from “Mamaleh Knows Best: What Jewish Mothers Do to Raise Successful, Creative, Empathetic, Independent Children,” by my friend, the humorist Marjorie Ingall. Her book blends anecdotes, history, and scientific research to show that, contrary to the stereotype of the overprotective Jewish mom, “Jewish mothers have actually historically nurtured their kids […]

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How dare this mom make a rational decision!

That B***ch Left Her Baby for Three Minutes!

. Pitchforks are so 19th century. Today’s righteous mobs wield cell phone videos and Facebook likes. Here’s the video of a baby whose mom did not drag him into the gas station for a short errand, causing some modern day “hero” to whip out his cell phone, start videotaping, and swear about what a horrible […]

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Jacob Wetterling, RIP.

Jacob Wetterling, Found at Last: R.I.P.

. The remains of Jacob Wetterling have been found in Minnesota. Jacob was abducted in 1989 at age 11 in a case that scared, scarred and deeply saddened people around the globe. As his mother Patty texted to the Minneapolis Star Tribune on Saturday: “Our hearts are broken. We have no words.” The Star-Tribune explained […]

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This mom felt she might have been followed at the grocery. Oh my.

Local TV News Report: Mom Felt Scared in Grocery

. “A Fargo mom is telling local parents to watch out after an incident at a local grocery store,” intones the anchor. The incident? (And remember my warning about the word incident: Every time you hear it, it means that NOTHING HAPPENED. Otherwise it would be a “crime” or “mauling” or “deadly spider attack.” Incident […]

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