Kuri, can you and daddy give me a baby brother?

Robot Nannies: Hooray?

What does it take to raise a child? Parents? A village? Or, now, a robot? The Institute, the newsletter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), reports that there are at least two robot nannies coming on board. Writes Ian Chant: Kuri is a roving robot that roams around the home to assist with tasks […]

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We all know that no one drives a white van without evil in their heart.

UPDATE: Lowering the Bar for “Attempted Luring”

UPDATE: Hi all! Just thought I’d clarify the reason for this “Attempted Luring” post. I highlight the media’s obsession with a very unlikely crime — stranger abduction — because constant coverage makes it seem common and ubiquitous. It’s the same reason I highlight the stories that run when  a child is dropped off at the wrong bus […]

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Hey kids! We're off to a field trip, French-style!

A Kindergarten Field Trip with Knives and Nudity*

. *In France: Dear Free- Range Kids: I was linked to  your blog article on parents volunteering in US schools and the need for police background checks in certain cases and wanted to write you to tell you about my 5-year-old’s last field trip. A sign-up sheet for a class field trip to a winery owned by one of the student’s parents was posted […]

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Yikes! A male of the species! Get him AWAY FROM THOSE KIDS!

This Mom Won’t Let Any Male Babysit Her Kids, Ever

Predictably, this article is getting a lot of attention: Why I Won’t Let Any Male Babysit My Children, by Kasey Edwards, in Melbourne, Australia: When our first daughter was born my husband and I made a family rule: no man would ever babysit our children. No exceptions. This includes male relatives and friends and even extracurricular […]

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This is not what the actual Man Traplooks like. At least, so far as I can tell.

UPDATE: Schools Advised to Install “Man Traps”

UPDATE: This story is from Roxbury, NJ, not Roxbury, Mass. My bad. The area’s Wikipedia page lists crime stats from 2009: 0 murders, 3 robberies.  In Roxbury, Mass, the school district just hired the former chief of police, Jim Simonetti, to evaluate their security. And guess what? He has recommended the district spend over half a […]

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I read I have to say 3 million words to you by Friday!

“Oh Look, Honey, See The Rose? What Color is the Rose? Rose Starts with R. Roses are Flowers, Just Like Daisies…” AGGHHHHHH!

Welcome to Free-Range Kids. Can you say “Free-Range Kids”? Free starts with F, and F is a letter!  Like this “letter” I got, below…except “letter” is not the same as “letter,” and…oh gosh! If they ask you that question on your SATs, just choose, “C,” because you don’t want to leave a question blank! This came […]

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Americans with children are doing it all wrong.

Child Protection Workers Remove Children from 68,000,000 Unfit Parents

Your fun for the weekend, from The Onion, which gets it just about right just about every time: WASHINGTON—Saying no one in the country is responsible or reliable enough to serve as a legal guardian, child protective services officials from all 50 states confirmed Friday that they had found all of the nation’s adults unfit […]

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