I went looking for a copyright-free "Free-Range Kids" image and found this sign. And it was taken by the wonderful Cory Doctorow!

Free-Range Kids Logo Contest! Win $100 and Bragging Rights!

. Folks, I am working on my mobile app with the help of Tanya Ruttenberg at Blue Door Apps and Holly Hamper at SmartyPantsMobileApps.com . And what do we need first and foremost? A logo! A great, fun, easy-to-read logo that works on everything from the top of this blog, to a bumper sticker, to a […]

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We proudly ... er ... PROBABLY  support Free-Range Kids!

Free-Range Kids has the Constitution On Our Side!

Great piece in today’s Washington Post by Ilya Somin, “How the Constitution Protects Free-Range Parents.”  He helps make the case for the Meitivs with these arguments: In two landmark cases in the 1920s, Meyer v. Nebraska and Pierce v. Society of Sisters, the Supreme Court ruled that the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment […]

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Character Assassination of the Meitivs

. This is a comment posted on the public Facebook page of the Meitiv’s Montgomery County Councilman at large.  He has since taken it down. In case you can’t read it, it says: Hans Reimer: Comment from a friend. “I just want to tell you that we have close friends in that neighborhood, and they […]

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cop car with lights

A Statement from the Meitivs about the Detainment of their Kids

Here’s the police report on Sunday night’s seizure of the Meitiv kids by the Montgomery County cops and CPS for the unthinkable crime of…playing outside on a sunny afternoon. And here is the Meitivs’ statement (boldface mine). Quick question: Aren’t prisoners allowed one phone call, or is that just on TV? Because the Meitiv kids […]

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Who says kids shouldn't be outside on their own?

“10 is Too Young to Supervise a 6 Year Old”

Thank you, commenter Havva, for dissecting the arguments being hurled at Danielle and Alexander Meitiv and Free-Rangers in general. Here’s what Havva wrote to “Just a Mom,” a woman who commented on yesterday’s post about the Maryland kids, 6 and 10, picked up for playing in a local park, unsupervised: Dear “Just a Mom” You […]

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Time for a Free-Range Bill of Rights

From Maryland Mom Danielle Meitiv’s Facebook Page

Here is what the “Maryland Free-Range Mom” Danielle Meitiv wrote regarding last night’s ordeal with the police and child “protective” services: The police coerced our children into the back of a patrol car and kept them trapped there for three hours, without notifying us, before bringing them to the Crisis Center, and holding them there […]

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Okay, selling THESE at the school plant sale would be a little much.

Principal Writes: Your Children Must be Supervised at All Times

From the: “Don’t confuse me with the facts” dept. comes this note about a note: Dear Free-Range Kids: Our weekly school newsletter contained a paragraph about supervising children at school events with the gem “Unfortunately, the world is not as it was many years ago.” I responded with some objections, citing the various statistics about […]

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