backyard adventure book cover

Is It Time for a Mud Lab?

If your answer is, “Um…maybe?” check out the inspiration over at Let Grow, drawn from a book called Backyard Adventure: 51 Free-Play Activities, by Amanda Thomsen. Dirt is good!

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Mixed Race Son and African American Father Playing Outdoors Together.

Let Grow Fathers!

Fatherly interivewed six dads trying to give their kids more freedom. Read one of them at Let Grow — click here —  and tell us about your journey as a Let Grow Dad!

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unsplash boy playing with big blue ball

The Big Parental Fears Preventing Kids from Playing

The Fear that Children Will Fall Behind if Not More or Less Constantly in Adult-Directed Activities The Fear that Children Who Are Not Supervised Are in Physical Danger The Fear of Being Accused of Neglect if the Child is Allowed Some Freedom Let Grow co-founder Dr. Peter Gray discusses them in a Psychology Today blog. […]

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Modern Childhood is Weird (and Missing Something Crucial)

Playdates, age-segregated activities and adult-led fun are all extremely new developments. But kids without free time to play and learn from each other are missing out on something crucial for their brains, says evolutionary anthropologist Dorsa Amir in the TEDx talk you’ll find at Let Grow!

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adelia moore being the grownup

A Psychologist on How to Let Kids Go

Adelia Moore is a mom of four and a clinical psychologist who works with lots of families. But even she had a hard time letting her sons go — each of them! — the first time. Her advice…is over at Let Grow.

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