Who gets to rule on how we raise our kids?

How Come CPS Gets to Decide If Kids Can Walk Outside?

Here’s a great comment on the post below this one, about the Meitiv case. They Meitivs were, of course, investigated for letting their 10 and 6 year old kids walk home together from the park in suburban Maryland: I think we need to start lobbying state legislatures for reasonable laws that provide some clarity and security […]

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UPDATED: CPS Decision in Maryland Case: Parents Responsible for “Unsubstantiated” Child Neglect

The long-awaited decision from Montgomery County Child Protective Services has arrived at the home of Danielle and Alex Meitiv, and it finds them “responsible” for “unsubstantiated child neglect” for letting their kids walk outside, unsupervised. If that decision makes no sense to you, either — how can parents be responsible for something that is unsubstantiated? […]

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"If it saves just one child a year..." then what? We should do it, no matter what "it" is?

How Safe is Safe Enough for Playground Surfaces?

Do we really have to re-surface every playground in America because they aren’t safe enough? Tim Gill, author of the blog “Rethinking Childhood,“  and Bernard Spiegel, granddaddy of the idea of “beneficial risk,” and Jay Beckwith, the venerated playground guru, are just some of the big names in the “play” world alerting us to potentially over-the-top new playground […]

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Welcome to my coffee table. Forever!

Missed It? Free-Range Kids and The Talk of the Town

Come Monday, a new issue of The New Yorker will be landing in the mailboxes of the diehards who still get hard copies of magazines.  So while this wonderful 90th Anniversary issue of the New Yorker is still current, allow me to excerpt a bit from the Talk of the Town piece I am saving forever. […]

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Why are campgrounds so much more Free-Range than some permanent communities?

“Bring Back Wildhood” Great Ad from Go RVing !

We went RVing a few years ago courtesy of this very group — Go RVing — and found kids at campsites seemed really Free-Range. There was such a sense of community in the woods, and this is such a lovely commercial. (And why didn’t I come up with the word “wildhood”???)

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Uh...please don't look at my text and if you do, please don't send me to prison.

Are Teens Who Sext “Child Pornographers?”

Thanks to our mistaken belief that no one under 18 can have any legitimate sexual feelings—and hence any sex they’ve engaged in was coerced and bound to render unspeakable emotional harm—we have laws on the books like this one in Wisconsin, according to USA Today (boldface mine, all mine!): In 2012, state lawmakers passed into law […]

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A tragedy and then a law. Does this make sense?

It Happened Once, It was Tragic, and Now It’s The Law

Here’s a poem that sums up the Free-Range world view, sent to us by a reader Jennifer Daly, who describes herself thusly:   “I live in Shrewsbury, MA. I work in Engineering and IT. I have a 6 yr old and a 2 yr old. I have 17 yrs of Aerospace and Defense consulting with 6 […]

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Join me, as I help exceedingly anxious parents loosen the reins!

World’s Worst Mom is on This Morning!

SET YOUR DVRs! WORLD’S WORST MOM is on on DISCOVERY LIFE this MORNING in just about an HOUR! Episodes at 9, 9:30, 10,10:30 a.m. Eastern Time. (The first two are reruns.) Find Discovery Life on your TV. The time slot of the show has changed a couple times, so I just wanted to alert you. And […]

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