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Can a Particular Club Make Kids Smarter?

Kids of all academic levels who joined one particular club to play one particular game in a Texas school district far outscored their peers on standardized tests. Click here to be transported to Let Grow to read what it was — and why it made such a difference!

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How Do You Get Kids to Start Coming to the Park?

As you may have noticed, many playgrounds are empty except for very young kids and their adult minders. But Providence, RI, figured out the key to getting kids out to play (and eat their federally funded lunches). Read about its novel solution, at Let Grow.

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Stranger Danger is Wrong!

The same, sad myth we were encouraged to teach our kids — “Stranger danger” — is wrong for adults, too. Talking to strangers is a key to happiness. Read all about it (including how-to-start tips), over at Let Grow.   Photo by Trung Thanh on Unsplash

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