Presenting: A Short Free-Range Kids Film!

Hi Folks! This is a documentary done by Carla Reid and Franny Plumridge, two university students who were raised in the country 16,000 kilometres apart (Carla in Australia, Franny in Canada), but both encouraged by their parents to actively explore and experience their world. Their rural Free-Range upbringing and shared passion for filmmaking inspired them to investigate the important issue of overprotective parenting in a documentary film. ‘Playtime’ explores raising Free-Range kids in this wonderful, seductive, and fast-paced technological world. The film was produced for Documentary Production,  Ryerson University 2012:

Carla Reid – Director, Cinematographer & Co-Editor

Franny Plumridge – Producer & Co-Editor

Playtime from Carla Reid on Vimeo.

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