Proof of Age Required to Buy Microwave Pudding Because “You Might Burn Yourself”

Readers — Here’s a fun little weekend story. Yes, I realize it’s from The Daily Mail, but it does seem like it actually happened: A young man buying some microwave pudding in an English supermarket set off some sort of alarm at the checkout station. What happened next, according to the fellow, was:

‘The woman who was monitoring the self-service checkouts came over and asked me for identification showing I was 18. I asked her why and was stunned when she told me: “It gets hot when you cook it – and you may burn yourself”. Surely the same can be said of many of the products they sell in any supermarket? Health and safety has gone crazy if you now have to prove you can be trusted with a chocolate pudding.’ 

He added: ‘I explained that I didn’t have any ID. Thankfully she agreed that I looked over 18 and she scanned her staff pass to approve the sale.’

Here’s the whole story, including lots of pix of the shopper, who looks like a minor the way I look like a baby koala.

That’s it — just a little wackiness on the nothing-is-safe-enough front. Doesn’t prove the world is going to hell. Just fun. Now back to your Saturday night! – L.


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