Serial Killers and Free-Range Moms

Hi Readers! For Americans, this is a holiday weekend when we celebrate freedom, so here’s a nice little note that celebrates exactly that: Freedom…from fear. It comes to us from Hannah Zuniga in Reno, NV, who thanks both me and you! - L

DearFree-Range Kids: I’ve always had a macabre interest in serial killers. I read many books about them in high school and college and watched hours of true crime TV shows. When I became pregnant with my first I had to stop, but the damage was already done. I had nightmares and “daymares” about these terrible things happening to my unborn daughter. I’m glad I found your book. My reading (and TV viewing) habits made being a Free-Range parent a challenge, but the statistics you give as well as the assurances of the other parents on your blog have done a lot in calming my fears for my three kids. – H.Z.

I feel forgotten!!


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