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Yikes -- is this adult DNA? Get it away from the kids!!!!


The new Legoland that opened in Somerville, outside of Boston, requires all visitors to come fully equipped with a child, reports Doug Saffir at boston.com. He quotes the tickets page which reads: Please be reminded LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston is a children’s attraction. Adults must be accompanied by a child in order to enter the attraction. […]

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John St-Onge

Legoland Scared of 63-yr.old Man

Readers — When 63-year-old Lego-lovin’ John St-Onge made the 3-hour drive to Toronto’s Legoland Discovery Centre, he was looking forward to seeing the fantastic displays. Instead, he became one: A perfect display of  our society’s Predator Panic. Arriving without any young kids in tow (though accompanied by his grown daughter), he was barred from entering. […]

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School May Suspend 5 y.o. for Making a Lego “Gun”

Hi Readers — This just in: A  5-year-old in an after-school program who used his Legos “inappropriately” to  make a gun may be suspended for two weeks — if he does it again. But as this Fox25 story out of Boston explains, this is no ordinary tot. He is a recidivist, having used his FINGERS […]

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Lego of Trust

Hi Readers! Just found out that you can visit the amazing Legoland Discovery Center if you are an adult…so long as you have a child with you. Otherwise, no dice. (And no Legos, either, it seems.) As the Discovery Center states on its website: Can parents visit the attractions, too? Of course – The LEGOLAND […]

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Outrage of the Week: Boy Almost Suspended for Lego Gun The Size of a Cheeto

Hi Readers — I am ashamed to say this incident happened in my own city, New York. (Well, Staten Island, anyway.) A Staten Island fourth-grader was reprimanded and almost suspended yesterday when the principal spotted him playing with a LEGO policeman and a two-inch-long toy gun during lunch, the Advance reports. Under the city’s no-tolerance policy […]

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