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Why would a boy hang out with someone my age?

Why Is That Old Man Hanging Out with That Kid at The Museum?

The Philadelphia Inquirer has a story about what happened when an old man started to hang out with a boy he met at the museum. Can you imagine this unfolding the same way today? When Dave Schwartz was a boy, his father was constantly in the hospital, and his mother would drop him at the […]

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It's "pantomime," not "pants-off mime."

“Don’t Touch My Nuts!” Yells Kid When Actor in Children’s Play Asks, “What’s Your Name?”

Readers — I hope that this is the story of just one over-coached kid. But…maybe not. This is a piece from SpikedOnline by the inimitable Josie Appleton who runs the Manifesto Club in Britain, which is like Free-Range Kids mixed with Reason.com.  A “panto” is the age-old, slapstick, audience-participatory Christmas pantomime show (not silent!) that has […]

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Thought I'd grab a child while I was out.

Predators* Stay Out!

Readers — Sometimes I feel compelled to document a fear that will either die a natural death from its unwieldiness, or become so pervasive no one will remember a time before we all believed it. In this case, from England, the fear is that any adult who chooses to be in proximity to children, no […]

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There goes another one.

Mistaking My Dad for a Predator

Readers, this comes to us from Tiffany, who calls herself “a nomadic mom of 11 & 12 year old Free-Range boys traveling the USA via RV.” How cool is that?  Dear Free-Range Kids:  My late father’s occupation, and love, was teaching mobility to blind students. He was employed by the school district and taught blind, […]

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The night is dark and full of diamonds.

Are Sleepovers Too Dangerous to Allow Anymore?

Readers: Remember, whenever considering any childhood activity, no matter how innocuous, first think about how TERRIBLE you’d feel if it ended up a tragedy from which your children (if they survive) NEVER RECOVER. Then go ahead and decide if you think they should do it. Here’s a lovely example of that worst-first thinking, below. It’s from a […]

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Yikes -- is this adult DNA? Get it away from the kids!!!!


The new Legoland that opened in Somerville, outside of Boston, requires all visitors to come fully equipped with a child, reports Doug Saffir at boston.com. He quotes the tickets page which reads: Please be reminded LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston is a children’s attraction. Adults must be accompanied by a child in order to enter the attraction. […]

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Australian School Bans Swimming Photos. Why? Guess

Australian School Bans Swimming Photos. Why? Guess

Folks — The Manifesto Club in  Britain is just a brilliant group dedicated to many of the same issues as Free-Range Kids. Among them: The way that pedophile panic is making us distrust absolutely every adult around a child. The latest example? This: An Australian primary school has banned parents from taking photos of their […]

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How terrifying!

Does Ice Cream Man = Pervert?

Hi Readers! There’s the boogey man and then there’s the ice cream man. But thanks to a country suffused with predator panic, the two are fused together like the twin sticks of a  Popsicle. It’s the same if you are guy and you want to work in day care, or as a birthday party clown, […]

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PERVS WITH PEEPS! Children in Constant Danger - Easter Edition

PERVS WITH PEEPS! Children in Constant Danger – Easter Edition

Hi Readers — Here’s a story from this scary, scary Easter season that I’m reprinting in full from NBCPhiladelphia.com, (with some commentary):  WOMAN TRIES TO GIVE CANDY TO KID: POLICE Police are on the search for a woman who tried to give candy to a child Friday evening along a quiet residential road. [HOW DARE […]

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