Want Your Child to Become a “GREAT LEADER?” It’s So Easy… If You Have a Credit Card!

Inspire Your Child To Be a Great Thinker

That’s what it says on the email ad I got this week from One Step Ahead. I love the fact that if you just buy your kid some toys from them, your child will be not just a leader, but a “great” one!  And I guess if you give your kids an empty paper towel roll and a ball, they are destined for serfdom.

I mean, how can any child possibly come to dominate the world without his/her parents buying this $28 set of what looks like (but certainly couldn’t be!) plastic measuring cups like you’d find at any dollar store?

Or this computer thingy, another of the One Step Ahead toys that nearly guarantees a crown and scepter somewhere down the line?

Kids don’t go onto greatness just from, like, playing with sticks or organizing ball games, do they? I heard that Caesar’s mom bought his some stacking cups from One Step Ahead. And I once read that Napoleon’s mom got him the Teach Me Time Talking Alarm Clock, so he’d learn be on time for his battles. (It broke right before Elba.) Thanks to One Step Ahead, there’s a great leader born every minute!

…Or at least there’s Ssomething born every minute.  - L.

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