Warning: Taking Cell Phone Pix of Your Kids Is the Scariest, Most Dangerous Thing Ever!

Hi Folks! How I love your nose for non-news! Here’s one of the many notes I got today about the “frightening” story that’s gone viral:

Dear Free-Range Kids: Here is the link to something I just saw on Facebook.


Using technology to track where “Little Madison” goes to school and the corner of the playground where she once had her picture taken seems like a lot of (busy) work for a predator.

What kills me even more, and I can’t necessarily put this into words, is how the chain of communication of this stuff works. The news does a segment because it is a slow week. Then someone posts it on Facebook. Then others re-epost because they think this is the kind of thing that makes them a valuable friend and good parent. Suddenly, no one has thought it through, but everyone just goes ahead and assumes there are thousands of stalkers out there and most of them are after your own “Little Madison.” It becomes our self-constructed world. – JJ

Lenore here: Precisely. And what’s amazing as well is this: I wrote about this EXACT same “story,” a few years back. Here’s what I had to say then — and now:

Readers: This “service” piece on NBC Over-Reaction News — sorry, NBC Action News — tells us that because there is a GPS locator embedded in the pix we take on our cell phones, “the bad guys” can NOW SEE where our children live, where they “recreate” (such a police verb — it means play), and where they “go to school.” It can even “locate their bedrooms!” Which means that if you are a predator who could not possibly OTHERWISE ever find a park, school, or house with a trike in the front yard, at LAST you can, using sophisticated technology.

Which also means (uh, somehow) that SUDDENLY our children are more unsafe than ever, and it is all technology’s fault. How GRATEFUL we must be to the TV reporters who dwell and dwell and dwell on the fact that now we parents must be even MORE vigilant, because so many predators are busy using GPS embeds to “cherry pick” (TV’s word) and track down the ONLY kid worth taking: YOURS. Because her smile is so irresistibly sweet!

Shake, shake, shake. Those are your marching orders for today: SHAKE IN YOUR SHOES. They are watching your every move! If you love your children, be MORE CAREFUL! (And if you DON’T love your children, go ahead and take their pictures, you dreadful parent. You will suffer the consequences!!!!!) — L.

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