bus stop sign

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  1. MNfields September 7, 2016 at 8:49 am #

    I really don’t care about children playing are running around in my yard. I do care when the running and playing is destructive or may cause harm . Who pays if they hurt themselves on your property? If bus stops are early morning who will be the witness as to how it happened in your yard? Their about 20 or more children from different bus stops all on the same intersection. None of them are going to tell on each other. Right now some of them throw rocks, wrestle, and throw thrash around and in my yard. I am a injured worker( arm, both knees) I can barely get enough stamina to get out their a clean my yard once a month. I don’t have the funds or means to relocate, and I am not a screamer. People around me say call the police, for what? They can’t spend their morning shift babysitting school bus stops.

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