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  1. Etienne January 27, 2013 at 9:31 pm #

    Yes! My 5 year old daughter and our neighbors 5 year son old fight for the “best shovel”! Granted they aren’t exactly pro (yet) but they love it! Actually the big problem in our neighborhood is the darned adults with snow blowers! Too loud & they “hog” all the fun exercise! While we personally don’t own one (to my husbands chagrin tee,hee) I think the machines don’t give kids a fighting chance! Our neighborhood is comprised of only 7 homes 2 of which don’t have live in kids, out of the 5 homes with kids, I have to say only 1 home is guilty of babying the kids to the point of not letting them shovel, mow the lawn, etc.. The homes with machines don’t tend to allow the kids to operate machines (only when kids beg!) yet for the most part the kids do help hand shovel, clear, etc.. However, these kids are all under 11 so it’s best not to let them run snow blowers (they really are very heavy) without adult supervision. As for “helping out others” hmm well out of every home on our street, kids stick to working on there own place with the exception of my daughter and our 5 year old neighbor who “loves” to rake, shovel, and help! This is turning into a long answer but I need to point out that we don’t understand why but the one neighbor with 2 strong teenage boys will not allow them to do “anything”? The boys are meek, straight A students, both BlackBelt in karate? Strange that dad will not allow them to work? BTW – they are a very kind family and we enjoy having them for neighbors? But, my husband is in “disbelief” that these big strong boys never help! It bugs him because he’s from a family of 6 boys all of which worked hard shoveling etc.. and from a very young age. Hmm. This was a fun question to ask – thanks for asking! I Love shoveling and outdoor work and there always seems to be a kid tagging along to help! 🙂

  2. Stacey H. January 28, 2013 at 8:33 am #

    Yes, my kids shovel. My 11-year-old and his friends grab shovels and walk around a two or three block area and shovel for hours and then split the money. Sometimes, when they let him, his 8-year-old brother joins them.

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