A Kindergartener, A Cap Gun and a Principal. Can You Guess What Comes Next?

Readers, at some point I will stop posting what I have started calling Zero Tolerunce (so it rhymes with dunce!) incidents. But I couldn’t resist this one, as a Sunday evening sheesh:  Last week a kindergartener who showed his cowboy-type cap gun to his friend on the school bus was hauled off to the principal’s office and interrogated for SO LONG (2+ hours), that he ended up peeing in his pants. Or so says The Daily Caller.

As for the 10 day sentence…er…detention he received? He’s just lucky there were no caps in the gun, said the principal, or it would have been treated like an explosive device and she would have called the police.

Of course. What else do you do when confronted with a kindergartener and a classic toy?  - L.

Stop him before he brags about his cool toy again!

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