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Can we have a supervised playdate?

Free-Range Parenting was NORMAL as Recently as E.T.

Remember, folks, what SEEMS like just a normal amount of supervision now — that is, constant — was not normal until very recently, as this clip from E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, reminds us. Elliott, a “boy of 9 or 10,” stays home from school alone for a day. And his sister Gertie, 5, stays home for […]

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Wisdom comes from experience. Experience is hard.

How to Keep Kids Safe, By a Woman Raped at 15

Passing along this wisdom: I was raped by a classmate when I was 15. There is nothing anyone could have done to prevent it. Obviously by age 15 I was going off places by myself or with friends, as 15-year-olds are supposed to do. And while I believe homeschooling is a valid educational choice, it […]

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I decided not to run a photo of the grieving family. Too painful, without any redeeming reason to show it.

The Tragedy at Kroger: A 6-year-old Dead

Last night, a mom in Jackson,  Miss., let her six-year-old son stay sleeping in the car while she ran into Kroger. While she was inside, it seems that three car thieves stole the vehicle and at some point they ended up shooting the boy, Kingston Frazier, dead. A photo of someone carrying the mom like […]

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Our children are becoming immobile.

Kindergarteners Less Fit than Even 6 Years Ago

An admittedly small study  in Great Britain has found that many kindergarten-age kids lack the kind of balance, motor skills and reflexes of kids even just six years ago. Reports The Independent: A “concerning” number of today’s four-year-olds are not physically ready to start school, new research has revealed, with children’s mobility levels said to be […]

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I am going to grab you...with a scary story that rarely, if ever happens.

A Sex Trafficking Reality Check

More insight from the real world about trafficking: Dear Free-Range Kids: First, I want to thank you for your crusade!  It has inspired me to be a more relaxed mother & help my friends relax a little too.  We are all new at this, my son is the oldest & he’s turning 4 next week, […]

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Deborah Jacobs and her husband, far, far from their only child.

A Happy Mother’s Day as a Mom Lets Go (of Her College Age Son)

Mother’s Day is usually about dandelion bouquets and a first scorched effort at French toast. It is focused, in other words, to the moms of young, mommy-smitten kids. This piece comes to us from Deborah L. Jacobs, author most recently of Four Seasons in a Day: Travel, Transitions and Letting Go of the Place We Call […]

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What if we got to know each other BEFORE labeling each other?

Why I’m Crying…Happily

This ad is overwhelming. Maybe it’s already been seen by every person on the planet. But just in case, here it is: . I can’t summarize the storyline because it unfolds so wonderfully. But as for its connection to Free-Range Kids, I must paraphrase Prof. Jon Haidt yet again (I found the ad on his […]

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