World’s Worst Mom

My reality show, World’s Worst Mom, airs Thursday nights on the Discovery Life channel, starting Jan. 22!

Each week I visit a different family, sort of like the Supernanny. Except instead of dealing with bratty kids, I deal with parents too terrified to let their kids go.

One mom only lets her son use his skateboard on the lawn…and he has to stand still on it.  Another mom is trying to convince her husband to install security cameras INSIDE the house so she can make sure her kids never venture out. And the mom I visit in Episode 1 sometimes still spoon-feeds her son.

He’s 10.

These aren’t bad moms, just very anxious. And some of the dads — moreso! How can I get these parents to loosen the reins and give their kids a childhood?

Tune in and see!


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