It’s here! The book that started a movement has just come out in an updated, expanded SECOND EDITION! It’s got new stories, stats, chapters — including one on childhood (and parental!) anxiety, and a whole section for teachers. Get your free discussion guide by clicking here!

And please drop me a note if you have questions, stories, ideas — I want to hear from you!

From the foreword by “The Coddling of the American Mind” co-author Jonathan Haidt and his wife, artist Jayne Riew:

It’s nerve-wracking to let go, and we are two people who are reluctant to cede control. But the payoff is huge: you see your kids gaining competence, a sense of place and direction, and the ability to speak and plan for themselves.

We are so grateful to Skenazy for writing this book and showing us how to let go, and let grow.

You can order the book now.  Click here!

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