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Have You Had an Encounter with Child Protective Services?

As Let Grow works with five states on Free-Range Kids bills this session, some lawmakers remain skeptical that their state’s definition of neglect needs narrowing. But they do. Here is Let Grow’s map of all 50 states’ neglect laws. Unfortunately, 47 of them are so open-ended that too much is left to the discretion of […]

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The Key to Future-Proofing Our Kids

To “future-proof” is to design a piece of software, or a subway, or almost anything else expensive and important, with an eye toward the future. You try to build in flexibility for whatever is coming ahead. For instance, when I was a kid, my grandfather still had a giant radio console with an empty square […]

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The Key to Curbing Childhood Anxiety Before It Gets Baked In

For over a decade I’ve been thinking about how we got so scared for our kids — and how our kids got so scared of seemingly normal childhood activities. Enter John Piacentini, a Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA where he runs an entire program — CARES — dedicated to identifying and reversing anxiety in kids. […]

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Stranger Danger vs. Free-Range Kids

“Stranger Danger” gets it SO WRONG that even the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is asking adults to stop teaching it to kids — or believing it themselves. Over at Let Grow today I discuss the enduring legacy of the evil stranger trope and what to teach kids instead. And as I point […]

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To Nurture Kids’ Curiosity, Do Not…

…turn a budding interest into an adult-led activity. It’s as simple as that. Over at Let Grow, we’ve got some more observations of what turns on a child’s curiosity and the modern way to accidentally turn it off. Click here to read Part 1 of  How to Nurture Kids’ Curiosity. 

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