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baby of the family

A Mom Tries to Not Baby the Baby of the Family

But it’s hard! In part, that’s because with three kids and so much chaos, it’s easier for her to just do things for the youngest (rather than letting him muddle through), so everything goes a little quicker and smoother. But in part, she confesses, she is also holding onto his childhood because he’s her last. […]

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cardboard challenge

Your Kid’s Cardboard Creation Could Win $500!

Let Grow is running a Cardboard Challenge! Have your kids create something using a certain brown material, send us a photo, and they could win $500 — or two runner up prizes of $50 each. Not bad for an activity that gets them busy doing something creative and, hopefully, a room or two away from […]

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cardboard tv

Hey Kidz! Make Your Own TV Out of a Cardboard Box!

Kids! Just click here for instructions on how to make your very own TV! TV. TV. It’s…like TikTok, but larger. With fewer talking dogs. Longer shows. And not as many people cooking whole meals in 60 seconds. And for a while there was a dial on the… Never mind. PARENTS: Click here for instructions on […]

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catch the ball

Why Do Most Kids Drop Out of Sports by Age 13?

Kids drop out of sports because they aren’t having fun. There’s too much time, or pressure, or it simply is too similar to the rest of their day: More adult instruction. Let Grow’s content guru, Stacy Tornio, loved sports as a kid and is raising two athletic children. They moped when COVID put an end […]

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peter gray nice photo

Peter Gray on Why Free Play is Crucial for Kids’ Development

It’s always a good time to watch this: Dr. Peter Gray’s TEDx talk on the decline of free play and its consequences (anxiety, depression). Click here to see it.  And for some solutions, visit Schools & parents can start Let Grow Play Clubs where kids make their own fun and solve their own spats. […]

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