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Special Needs Kids in the Kitchen? Real World Tips

This helpful piece over at Let Grow has suggestions on how to get special needs kids cooking. For instance, have your kids (special needs or not) cut vegetables using a serrated knife, because it is less likely to slip. I realize that is pretty basic, but some good advice is just that!

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prison guard tower

“Life 360” Is More Like “Prison Life 360”

New technology brings new norms. The telegraph allowed us instant communication across long distances. The TV allowed us to sit at home and be entertained. And Life 360 allows — normalizes — us to believe that our kids must be supervised remotely all the time, or they’re in danger and we’re not doing our job. […]

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be careful poster

“Be Careful!” Is Worse than Useless Advice from Parents

What’s wrong with saying, “Be careful!” a couple million times? Well, this: The message kids hear is pointless (Be careful HOW?), at the same time it is also dis-empowering (You think I can’t figure out how to do this safely?). Let Grow ponders the rise of this phrase and things to say instead it, in […]

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chore charts

A Chore Chart, So the Chores Actually Get Done

One wonderful year we had both kids doing the dishes thanks to a chart clearly stating whose job it was on which days. Other years we slacked off on the chart and the dish-washing slacked off, too. If you’d like to print out Let Grow’s free, customizable chore chart, click here. And either way: Happy […]

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