jonah larson crochet boy

This Kid is a Crochet Dynamo — He’s 11, He’s Amazing, His Profits Have Purchased Books for a School Library in Ethiopia!

Let Grow did a wonderful video with Jonah Larson, the perfect example of a kid finding his passion simply by having some free time and a parent who trusted him to explore his interests, no matter how quirky. His mom told us that at age 5 Jonah found some crochet materials in a bag and was enchanted by them:

She told Jonah that she didn’t know how to crochet, but if he was interested, she’d figure out how to help him learn. So she found a YouTube tutorial for a dishcloth, set it up, and let him go.

“I left him alone with the iPad, the hook, and the yarn,” she says. “I went about my day, and when I came back, he had a dishcloth made.”

From that moment on, Jonah was a crocheter.


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