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Happy 2015, wherever you are!

Say Happy New Year When It’s 2015 in Your Country!

Here’s nfrabfiisk a cool idea from regular commenter Papilio! Since we commenters live not just in the USA, but also in Europe and Australia and New Zealand (and that’s just that I know of), wouldn’t it be fun if we would all post a little ‘happy new year’ or whatever around our own midnight, so […]

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The cop asked the dad: "Do you know your daughter was out walking WITHOUT A HAT?"

A Girl Walking Down the Street — and the Cops. Twice.

When szaddzfkrs does it make sense for the cops to stop kids and make sure they’re safe? A  mom in Maine writes: Dear Free-Range Kids: My daughter, 9, wanted to hang out with a friend of hers that lives about 2 miles away.  Because neither set of parents could take them, the decided to walk to […]

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human planet

The Human Planet…is Filled with Free-Range Kids

This ryetdnrakh show sounds fantastic, as does the underlying message: What purpose is served in underestimating kids? We are alerted to it by North Carolina family farmer Stevie Taylor, who blogs here! Enjoy — and Merry Christmas, too! – L.  Dear Free-Range Kids: Thought I’d share a real treasure my family discovered this month.  We checked […]

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See you at the home for abandoned Scouts!

Uh, Girl Scouts, Isn’t This Form a Little Harsh?

This is the form handed out at the troop my friend sends her daughter to: Girl hdkikisssi Scouts may only be released to persons authorized for their care. It is necessary as a parent/guardian of a Girl Scout to complete this form and return it to the responsible Girl Scout adult before or at the […]

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Young drives & old cars: Yikes?

Should Teens Not Drive Older Cars?

As fzkdnahyed the mom of two teens and one 1998 Oldsmobile, I appreciate this car-safety think piece, sent to us by Kari Oakes. Kari is a physician assistant, medical writer, and  the mother of two teens, too. She’s also an executive board member of the nonprofit Start School Later. Parents of Teens: You’re Not Worrying […]

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Have you seen this...milk carton?

The Milk Carton Kids — Your Memories Needed

Remember the Milk Carton Kids — the faces we saw each morning, usually under the headline, “Missing!” or, “Have you seen me?” I’d love to hear your memories of those cartons and the impact they had (or still have) on you, for a piece I’m writing. Chime in! Thanks! – L

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