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Help! How Can I Entertain My Kids During This Crazy Coronavirus Thing?

Advice about kids can drive you almost as crazy as the kids themselves. But I’m hoping “Ask Lenore” is a little more forgiving (and helpful) than the slurry of other suggestions coming into my inbox: “Five Fantastic Things to Make from Star Fruit!” “Coronavirus Is a Great Time for Kids to Learn About Ancient Assyrian […]

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Hey Kids: Make Your Own Snow!

Even if you are sick of the slush outside, it can be cool — literally — to have your kids make their own snow, inside. Over at Let Grow we have 7 different ways to do this — including the “how to” that interests me most: How to make your own snow globe. (Just don’t […]

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Your Kid Doesn’t Have to Go to College

A dad talks about talking about college — and alternatives — with his high school sophomore son, 16. The son begs,”Can we stop talking about this?” but the dad soldiers on, because, “One of the reasons dealing with college can seem so terrifying is that success is defined so rigidly. You graduate high school, go […]

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