let grow independence kit

Free “Let Grow Independence Kit” — This Can Be a Time of Great Growth for Your Kids & You!

Is there a way for kids to actually become LESS anxious during this EXTRA anxious time?

Yes. The Let Grow Project is a super-simple idea that many schools have been doing: Kids go home with the assignment, “Do something new, on your own.” Walk the dog. Run an errand. Make a cake.

The results have been so phenomenal, especially when it comes to anxiety, that we made the video below. Better still, we have a free “Independence Kit” for teachers to use in their on-line classes, or for parents to use on their own. Click here to get it, at Let Grow.

And PLEASE SHARE YOUR  KIDS’ STORIES on our Let Grow Facebook  page or Twitter. Or send them to Info@LetGrow.org .

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