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Banned Books are Often The Best Books for Struggling Kids

As horrible as I find banning books, the practice does have one thing going for it: Kids who may not be big-time readers seem to love them. In this extremely cool and original essay over at Let Grow today, Elizabeth Peyton, a middle school teacher, writes that: I’ve found that if I want to pique […]

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A New Podcast for Free-Range Elementary and Middle School Educators

Hi all! Let Grow’s Vice President for School Programs, Andrea Keith, has a new podcast about bringing our childhood independence initiatives to elementary and middle schools, via things like our Let Grow Project and Let Grow Play Club (both free free free!). In the first podcast, she talks to Dr. Michael Hynes, the superintendent who […]

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“Is My Child Old Enough to Do The Laundry?” Most Likely Yes!

If you’re wondering, “Can I get my child do to laundry?” the answer is usually yes, unless they are still in utero.   And if they need help — no shame there. Let Grow’s new Life Lessons  video series presents: “How to Do Laundry at the Laundromat.” Video below. And click here to read the […]

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Dear Lenore: How Can I Stop Worrying About My Kids?

“Is there a way to stop always worrying my kids?” is the question I address in today’s “Ask Lenore” blog post,  which begins: Short answer? No. Long answer? Noooooooooooooo. Read the rest here, by “brave” me. (Ha!) As I go on to say: No one is as self-directed, well-behaved, and uncomplicated as you think your […]

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