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The Way to Help Kids Think for Themselves and Avoid the Lure of Polarization and Groupthink

It’s never too early! “Teach kids to embrace listening to different points of view,” writes Holly Korbey over at Let Grow. In these polarizing times, it can make a huge difference!

Example:  When Irshad Manji was 14, she asked “too many questions” during her Saturday religious school, and they kicked her out. Irshad, author of “Don’t Label Me” and Let Grow’s director of courage, curiosity & character, walked the long way home to think about how to present this to her mother.

But instead of demanding she go back and beg for forgiveness, her mother asked for something else. Since the school no longer welcomed her, Irshad’s mom said she needed to think about what might be a good way to spend those hours instead.

“The fact that she did not demand that I crawl back and ask for forgiveness, and allowed me to figure this out for myself with the expectation that I will be thoughtful, and not impulsive or rash,” Irshad said, made all the difference. Her mother trusted her.

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