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A Middle-School Teacher As Crazed and Confused as Her Students (and Own Kids)

Click here and just go enjoy a wonderful, rangy, funny essay by middle school teacher Elizabeth Peyton. She confesses to having a hard time with all the tech: “I barely know how to navigate Google classroom. I deleted myself from the staff email group by accident, lost access to all my lesson plans, blamed my assistant principal, and…” She also delivered part of her class on mute.
But she’s also stunned by all the parents showing up online as if they are attending school with their kids. She has a 4th grader of her own, and when he asked her to help with his glitchy Zoom connection (bad idea, see above), “I realized that he was one of only three kids in his class who was working in his room alone. Every other kid had a parent, sometimes two, onscreen and actively participating in the class.”
Want to see the whole wacky remote learning thing from both sides — teacher and mom? Here you go!
Photo from Unsplash by @kellysikkema
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