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Dear Lenore: How Can I Stop Worrying About My Kids?

“Is there a way to stop always worrying my kids?” is the question I address in today’s “Ask Lenore” blog post,  which begins:
Short answer? No.
Long answer? Noooooooooooooo.
Read the rest here, by “brave” me. (Ha!) As I go on to say:

No one is as self-directed, well-behaved, and uncomplicated as you think your friends’ kids are. No one is as perfect in private as public. And no one who’s a parent (or even a “parenting expert”) has gotten to this point without amassing a giant pile of worries. These worries are like the evil twins of Happy Meal toys. You’ve got a million of them, you don’t want them, and you keep finding them even years after the kids have left the house.

By the way, no one will buy them at a garage sale, either. But somehow everyone recognizes them—including your vegan friends, which means that they must sometimes buy their kids Happ—well, who really knows what goes on in other families?

Not me. Except I know we all — to a greater or lesser extent — worry. Alas. – L

One Response to Dear Lenore: How Can I Stop Worrying About My Kids?

  1. Kevin September 17, 2020 at 8:41 pm #

    Definitely a No–As a parent, you will never stop worrying about your kids. But you still need to give them the space to live their own life.