“Is My Child Old Enough to Do The Laundry?” Most Likely Yes!

If you’re wondering, “Can I get my child do to laundry?” the answer is usually yes, unless they are still in utero.   And if they need help — no shame there. Let Grow’s new Life Lessons  video series presents: “How to Do Laundry at the Laundromat.” Video below. And click here to read the […]

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Dear Lenore: How Can I Stop Worrying About My Kids?

“Is there a way to stop always worrying my kids?” is the question I address in today’s “Ask Lenore” blog post,  which begins: Short answer? No. Long answer? Noooooooooooooo. Read the rest here, by “brave” me. (Ha!) As I go on to say: No one is as self-directed, well-behaved, and uncomplicated as you think your […]

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Why Dax Shepard Refuses to High-Five His Kids’ Every Accomplishment (and Other Parenting Practices He Recommends)

Not that 2020 has that many highlights, but doing Dax Shepard’s “Armchair Expert” podcast was one of them for me. What a smart, funny, thoughtful guy — an anthropology major! (Which explains why he brought up hunter/gatherers.) Over at Let Grow we boiled down his parenting practices, including my favorite: His refusal to pretend to […]

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Kids and Cardboard: Perfect Together

What do kids with approximately 127 hours of free time a day, thanks to COVID, do? They get creative. They also seem to get out the X-Acto knives. (Yay!) We harnessed this kid superpower by holding a Let Grow Cardboard Contest, and are pleased today to announce our winners. Check them out by clicking here. […]

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Study Finds Young Teens’ Anxiety Levels DROPPED During Lockdown

A study of 1,000 kids aged 13 and 14 in England found their anxiety levels dropped when in-person school closed. Reports the BBC: Researchers compared findings from a survey taken in October last year to answers given by teenagers in May this year. Both girls and boys recorded decreased levels of anxiety during that timeframe. […]

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