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A Sesame Street Classic — Updated

Most of you won’t remember this Sesame Street classic — or will you? Some day this kind of independence will be normal again. Parents will trust their kids. Kids will trust their abilities. And it will seem sick and strange to call 911 to report a happy, confident child becoming a part of the world. […]

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Child Psychologist: Over 23 Years, I Have Seen Children’s Mental Health Declining, And the Reason Is…

Rachel Flynn, a professor of child development and therapist, recently testified in support of Nevada’s “Reasonable Childhood Independence” bill, saying  that over her 23 years in practice she has seen kids in decline as their unstructured, unsupervised time evaporated. This, she testified, was across the board: The decade prior to my doctorate I was a […]

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Kids Reading Children’s Books from the ’60s and ’70s Don’t Understand Why The Characters Got to Go Outside without Adults

Harriet the Spy. Encyclopedia Brown. Meg and brother Charles Wallace, Ramona, Beezus, Pippi, and that My Side of the Mountain Kid (what WAS his name?). They all shared something other than spunk. Freedom. Freedom of movement was a given in mid-century children’s literature. Of course the kids starring in books did more than most of […]

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