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“Reasonable Childhood Independence” Laws Really Help Single Moms

If you’re a single mom, you most likely have faced some time when you needed to have your kids handle something without you — get home from school, run an errand, stay home alone for a bit. If YOU know they’re ready, then…they are! That’s what the Reasonable Childhood Independence bills say, too. At this […]

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The Key to Lowering Parental Anxiety? My Simple Suggestion

The other day I was interviewed by Maggie Rodriguez, host of the show Daytime, who confessed to parental anxiety — and so did I. I added that the only thing that I’ve seen that takes the fear down a notch or ten is seeing your kid do something on their own. You need to change […]

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Free-Range Parenting Could be The Key to Happy, Healthy Kids

That’s not just this blog blowing its own horn. It’s The Guardian that’s doing the blowing. In a huge article this week, that paper quotes me and a gaggle of fellow travelers, worrying about things like: “I was concerned that it’s becoming weird to let your kids outside without either an adult, a cell phone […]

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Three girls riding down the street on scooters and a bike

Kids’ Mental Health Actually IMPROVED When the Lockdowns Began

Contrary to the predictions, many kids’ mental well-being went up, not down, early on in the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s the conclusion of Let Grow’s co-founder Dr. Peter Gray, whose analysis appears in The American Journal of Play. In April and May of 2020, Let Grow conducted several large-scale online surveys of kids 8–13, and parents. […]

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Kids: Start Doing Something New on Your Own — and Win Big!

Starting Sunday, Let Grow will be accepting entries to its second annual Let Grow Independence Challenge! From Aug. 1 -7 we want PHOTOS of kids doing things on their own. Aug. 8 – 14 we want VIDEOS! Last year’s entries were just great — kids sewing, mowing, baking, biking, stretching themselves in all sorts of […]

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