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Principal Defies Mom Who Wants Her Kids to Walk Home by Themselves

Jessie Thompson’s kids, ages 9, 10 and 11, would like to walk home together, but Spann Elementary School in Summerville, South Carolina, won’t let them leave without an adult. When Thompson asked if she could sign some sort of waiver, the school said no. If an adult does not pick the kids up, they must […]

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“Children Seen Walking Outside!” — Nextdoor

Why is there a Free-Range Kids movement? Why does Let Grow, the nonprofit promoting childhood independence, even exist? Here’s why: “Children Walking Alone,” warned an alert I received from the social media site nextdoor just as I sat down to write this piece. “Dear Parents,” it went on. “Please have an adult accompany children ‘taking […]

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What Age Would You Let Your Kids Stay Home Alone?

This week there’s a lively discussion on Let Grow’s Facebook group page where a mom asked: At what age do you let your kids stay home alone for short times (not date night, but maybe a few errands)? What benchmarks do you require first? Like knowing how to call 911, or anything else? My kids […]

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What ’80s Parents Got Awesomely Right

You’ve probably seen those Facebook memes, “We survived the ___s!” Fill in any decade: whoever survived it is proud. But ’80s kids did survive something many kids are no longer faced with. That may have been the last era when it was truly taboo for children to interrupt grownups talking. This and other well-aged parenting […]

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