cardboard train kids

Kids and Cardboard: Perfect Together

What do kids with approximately 127 hours of free time a day, thanks to COVID, do? They get creative. They also seem to get out the X-Acto knives. (Yay!) We harnessed this kid superpower by holding a Let Grow Cardboard Contest, and are pleased today to announce our winners. Check them out by clicking here. […]

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Study Finds Young Teens’ Anxiety Levels DROPPED During Lockdown

A study of 1,000 kids aged 13 and 14 in England found their anxiety levels dropped when in-person school closed. Reports the BBC: Researchers compared findings from a survey taken in October last year to answers given by teenagers in May this year. Both girls and boys recorded decreased levels of anxiety during that timeframe. […]

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benefit of the doubt poster

Give Parents the Benefit of the Doubt

You see them at the store and their kid is glaring, swearing, or possibly biting someone. (Maybe you.) Give those poor, beleaguered parents the benefit of the doubt. You see a kid waiting in the car a few minutes in front of the pizza shop, or pharmacy. Give those parents the benefit of the doubt. […]

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Five Edible Experiments for Kids

We’ve got 5 food experiments over at Let Grow, and some are quite amazing. In one, kids learn how to transform liquids into edible “pearls”: Mix any kind of liquid (juice, chocolate milk, maple syrup) with unflavored gelatin, warm the mixture, and drizzle it into cold oil. This process will create tasty “pearls.” The young […]

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air plants

Weird, Easy Plants Kids Can Grow

I’d never even HEARD of “air plants.” Now at Let Grow we have a 1-min video on how to grow them.   Guess what? No soil needed. Really. Just stick the plants in a container and spritz them every couple days. What an insanely easy way to get your kids into planting. Click here for instructions […]

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