fairy garden swing

Kids Can Make a Fairy Garden in the Yard or Park by Themselves

So I’d never heard of “Fairy Gardens.” Turns out they are the garden equivalent of a doll house: Mini backyards with mini amenities (swings, see-saws, ponds) and lots of pretty flowers and plants. Over at Let Grow we’ve got a 1-minute video explaining how to make the different elements. If I were a kid, it […]

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let them play zone poster

Get Let Grow’s Free “Let Them Play” Kit!

Handy, smart and fun! The kit includes:   *Instructions for lots of classic games like “Red Light/Green Light” *A list of ideas for kids to do when they’re bored *A one-pager explaining why free play — play without adults organizing the activities — is great for kids *And a lovely yellow “Let Them Play Zone” […]

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abby is 4

Can a 4-Year-Old Lead a 6 Mile Hike?

This 4-year-old can! At one and a half Abby was going on mile-long hikes with her mom, who treasures the girl’s spunk and love of nature, and bear poop. (Something some of us wouldn’t recognize if it was roaring us in the face.) Now she’s a seasoned hiker who can go 6 miles at a […]

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kids about to leap into big puddle diane murray

Do Not Try to Make a Happy Child Happier

We’ve got great advice on encouraging — and not ruining) — free, unstructured play. What’s more, we’ve got a cool list of the different types of play kids engage in. I, for one, didn’t realize there’s a difference between Symbolic Play, Creative Play and Dramatic Play. Now I do! Read up, over at Let Grow, by […]

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boy on phone

Help! My Kids are Wasting Their Whole Summer!

Is it a waste of time when kids look like they’re wasting time? Interesting question. I write this while looking out my window watching a couple of kids playing with a toy car. Before that, two other kids were chasing a dog. I’m sure a lot of older kids are inside on their phones. And […]

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bouncy ball

How DO You Play Red Rover, or Simon Says, or Mother May I?

Let Grow has compiled a great resource: The simple rules for 20 classic backyard games, including: Duck Duck Goose   Red Light, Green Light      Mother May I?        Blindman’s Bluff           Leapfrog And, obviously, another 15 more. Click here for the rules and even some videos that […]

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kid tantrum no rights issues pisquels

Some Pretty Easy, Realistic Tips to Get Kids to Stop Whining

How can you get your kids to stop whiiiiiiiiiiiining?  Let Grow has some truly workable, real-world tips from a mom of two whining (or, I guess, previously whining) toddlers. The article is really honest and fun. Best idea? When the kids are CALM tell them that, henceforth, you’re going to ignore their whining. “When children […]

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