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Kids Reading Children’s Books from the ’60s and ’70s Don’t Understand Why The Characters Got to Go Outside without Adults

Harriet the Spy. Encyclopedia Brown. Meg and brother Charles Wallace, Ramona, Beezus, Pippi, and that My Side of the Mountain Kid (what WAS his name?). They all shared something other than spunk. Freedom. Freedom of movement was a given in mid-century children’s literature. Of course the kids starring in books did more than most of […]

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To Stop Kids from Bullying, School Replaces Recess with Poetry Reciting

“I think this school is making a mistake,” tweeted Jonathan Haidt, co-author of “The Coddling of the American Mind.” What school? The Hackney New School in London that I write about over at Let Grow. (Click here to read.) “A school without bullying sounds like a utopia, but it is achievable,” Hackney’s head of school […]

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Why Two Oklahoma Representatives on Opposite Sides of the Aisle are Co-Sponsoring a Free-Range Kids Bill

It’s not just that Oklahoma State Rep. Chad Caldwell (R) and Rep. Jacob Rosecrants (D) both believe parents shouldn’t be arrested or investigated for letting their kids have some “reasonable independence.” It’s that they both remember their OWN reasonable independence — and are grateful for what that freedom made them into. Read about the way […]

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