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Hunt, Gather, Parent, Get Chewed Out by The Cops for Letting Your Kid Walk Two Blocks

All hail Michaeleen Doucleff! She’s author of the incredibly great, life-hacking, eye-opening book, “Hunt, Gather, Parent.” She and her daughter Rosy traveled the world to witness the parenting practices that have been working for millennia in traditional societies. They watched kids happily hunt, gather, clean up, make food, and help their parents every which way, […]

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What Tracking Does to the Parent-Child Relationship

Today’s Atlantic has a great piece called “The Very Common, Very Harmful Thing Well-Meaning Parents Do.” And what is that common thing?  TRACKING. As the article’s subtitle puts it bluntly: “Surveilling your kids will only backfire.”  The piece is an excerpt from the new book “Growing Up in Public,” by Devorah Heitner.  We caught up […]

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The School that Tells Its Brainiacs: Do Not Come to Class! Have Fun!

At the tippy-top science high school in the Philippines, kids get classes only four days a week. They’ve got every Wednesday off — to spend time at their favorite school club. Lino Salvana is a 10th grade student at the Philippine Science High School Main Campus in Quezon City. (Photo above.) He explained to us […]

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“Independence Therapy” in The New York Times! And Me, Too!

It is not a new observation that today’s kids are increasingly in adult-run classes, clubs, sports. Or they’re inside, online, instead of riding bikes, or collecting rocks, or talking to some rando. “While there could be many reasons our kids are suffering, what if the problem was simply this: Kids are growing up so over-protected […]

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Eek! A Bureaucrat!

The town of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, has shut down one of its playgrounds due to an extremely serious issue: a mouse on the property. (Eek!) WTMJ-TV reports that the Imagination Station Playground was closed until further notice as the city dealt with this crisis. The municipality explained its vexing problem in a Facebook post. “The environment around the Imagination […]

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Playground Drama: How to Deal with Park Parents who Hover?

Over at our Raising Independent Kids Facebook group (join here), parents find a non-blaming/shaming/shrieking/freaking/911-calling environment to ask questions about all sorts of childhood independence issues. Here’s one that probably resonates. Feel free to answer below, or join the group! by Katya Syrochkina Apologies if this has been asked before…how to deal with INTENSE helicopter parents on […]

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Kids as Lumps of Dullness

To be a kid today means to grow up in a culture constantly underestimating your creativity, resilience, gumption, and especially: your curiosity. The hallmark of this era is the assumption that all kids are dullards who would otherwise do and notice NOTHING, if adults weren’t there busily pointing things out every step of the way. […]

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