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sayville kids with jodi and tree

How I Dealt with My Most Incredibly Anxious 7th Grade Class Ever

Jodi Maurici teaches health ed to 240 suburban seventh graders. This past year they seemed so fragile and frightened — one was too nervous to even walk to the cafeteria alone — she had to try something new. Read her describe the one simple thing she did that changed everything (and everyone).Click here!  

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five dollar 2

Have Your Kid Get Change for a $5 Bill

Looking for a fun, easy first step you might want to try with your budding Free-Range / Let Grow kid? A dad explains the $5 challenge and other independence-building ideas here. If you have some of your own, cool “kid challenges” to share there, please do!

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backyard adventure book cover

Is It Time for a Mud Lab?

If your answer is, “Um…maybe?” check out the inspiration over at Let Grow, drawn from a book called Backyard Adventure: 51 Free-Play Activities, by Amanda Thomsen. Dirt is good!

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